Monday, 30 May 2011

The first bar we did the workshops in yesterday were really dingy so I'm amazed at how well everyone were were moved to a better ventilated lighter venue, phew!

Some more photo's from Eurocultured there were loads!!

Eurocultured, Sara Han & Spearfish

What a fantastic weekend!! I feel exhausted., Went to a wedding on Saturday which was great fun and then Sunday and Monday was Eurocultured festival ( Sara Han ( and I did some tee shirts and tote bag workshops, it was EPIC!!! and great fun, we were only supposed to have 12 participants, but we were over subscribed by at least 50percent. AT least. We used fabric paints, applique, stencils, freehand, fabric pens. Spearfish ( were great, they provided a lot of materials left over from previous workshops, so it felt like real recycling, also we hired a badge making machine that we used a few weeks previously at Museum Of Science And Industry, I haven't posted any photo's from that yet, but I shall...The badges and the bags were made using remnants and scraps, it was fantastic to see how creative everyone was, we got a real mixed bunch of ages and abilities, it was a great vibe, shame my ironing board packed it in though!! Plus the workshops times changed, ah well...It was a good un anyway! Have a look...We had some AMAZING volunteers too! Bethan, Jacky and Ange what hero's!!

Monday, 23 May 2011

I went to Wales this weekend to see my friends. Jim and I stayed with Ayeisha and Mike and this bag was a present for Ayeisha, I had posted it up earlier on in the year in response to a lovely parcel she had sent to me with lots of lovely home-made soaps and treats from Lush, I should've taken a photograph of her with it really...I tried to carefully think about her colours and the things she would like, so I hope I was right!!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Give you 3 guesses as to what sort of street party this was? Yes OK, it's simple. These worksops were run over a series of weeks with Spearfish, Sara Han invited me to collaborate with her and we created new sew tu-tu's, tiara's, capes, crowns, accessories, bunting and lots of fun crafts. On the final day Kelly Joseph (from Didsbury Green Threads) came along too and we painted the children's faces. It was great fun. There are tonnes of photographs, it was a lovely sunny day, but super windy!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

My More organised Studio Pictures!!

These are some pictures from my "new" studio! Look at all my reclaimed fabrics!!! Ready and waiting to be turned into beautiful ethical Upcyled creations!! and look at those lovely vintage shoulder pads...It's exciting.

My studio is basically the spare bedroom, and because I live in rented accomodation (and the extra bed is useful for when friends come to stay) there is a bed slap bag in the middle, but my lovely boyfriend is in the process of creating me a large, collapsable pattern cutting slide over the double bed, fingers crossed...It's currently just a piece of MDF BUT it does it's job!