Wednesday, 28 December 2011

"Sugar sweet Honey Pot" Apron

Well I was certainly busy before christmas sewing away finishing off commissions and handmade presents! I wanted to post a picture of this lovely apron I was asked to make for my boyfriends' Mum! - I believe she loved it!

"Sugar sweet Honey Pot" Apron, with honey comb (shop bought) cotton printed fabric an old duvet & some gorgeous candy stripe fabric off cuts, -donated to me by Crafty Ginge Designs Thanks Kelly Joseph, take a look at her lovely blog here!!

The apron has Lots of large pockets to pop all your utensils, pegs & extra bits in. Please email or message me if you would like your very own custom made!!

Monday, 12 December 2011

A little Cuppa Christmas Cheer!

So I'm trying not to be a scrooge, I decided there was nothing to gain from being gumpy about Christmas, so after my boyfriend (he's taken to referring to me as his "partner" - apparently it's more grown up sounding.) and I finally painted our livingroom. I thought I would spruce it up some more with a few home-made decorations that I've been selling at my various christmas craft fairs. So far they've been going pretty well, I've made some new friends whilst hanging out with some extremely (sickeningly) talented old friends...aka Katie Hanratty, I would have all of her illustrations on my walls.

Also Jim (my boyfriend) made me an absolutely amazing lamp last year for my birthday from a teacup & saucer (he loves me, I know you're jealous, but you can't have him!) The only thing was the bulb stuck out so much from the cup it was blinding, so I quickly punched a few holes in a tin can & popped that on top...looks awesome doesn't it??? (I wander what he'll make me this year? It's my birthday on the 14th so he hasn't got long.)

I've also popped one of my little fabric strawberries on the saucer because I couldn't resist it looks so pretty on there! I plan to do some more festive things to pop around the house, but I'm super super busy at the moment & barely find a minute to breathe!

The little christmas tree, I have to be honest hasn't been stitched together properly yet...oops! - It's just layers of mini suffolk puffs (of varying sizes) pinned together & then balanced on top on a plant pot, but it works, doesn't it? Check mini monster Me & Jim too, if you knew us personally you would know how amazingly exacting they were Helen is a genius, check out her website!! (get yourself a mini-monster you!) -My extremely talented & awesome boyfriend made her site.