Friday, 27 January 2012

Here are some of my new bags! Appliqued hand stitched & Upcycled!

The weather has been pretty grim today, grey rainy, a bit of sleety snow, hail-stones etc. so taking these photographs on my little camera with poor lighting has been quite difficult. - Perhaps I'll try again once I have a bit more of a sunny afternoon, but I decided to take some photo's and play around with them a bit, I honestly think good photographs make all the difference.

So this is me experimenting!

Venus fly trap plantpot tote, why not?

I will selling some of these totes at Fuel Cafe on the 4th February alongside Old Mother Hubbard Market Day I was also be there with the amazing Stitched Up Crewe hosting a Clothes Swap Shop, which if you've never attended one before then YOU SHOULD!! - It's the sustainable, ethical & fun way of updating & refreshing your wardrobe.

We will also be on hand to give any styling or customisation tips, so please don't miss it! Check out the flier;
illustrated by my lovely talented friend who will also be at Fuel selling some limited edition prints, take a gander through her stuff and fall in love with her amazing characters! - I'm her biggest fan!!

Oh and here's mine and Jim's unique and fun "Hand" bag - designed by Jim and made by me!

We want to start making and selling more of these in conjunction with a charity, the Helping Hand bag...any suggestions?

Jim is in the process of shaving his beard off and making pizza dough...I hope he doesn't get confused because beardy-dough sounds pretty un-tasty to me!
-Oh check out his website

I hope to see you soon!