Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Freebie from BagsReborn! Thanks Twitter!

Well as mentioned on previous entry I am now a fully fledged tweeter...and it turned out as a new "follower" of BagsReborn I won a free gift! How fantastic, look how beautiful this purse/wallet is!

Now I've never won anything in my entire life, so I'll be honest with you I felt skeptical that I had actually won something, but this lovely little parcel arrived with a handwritten note in the post today!!

It says on the label;

"Each Bag is made in a family run business based in a small village in South East Asia. The sold products help sustain jobs for villagers in a very poor country. The products are hand-made from recycled rice, cement, fish food & soil bags and presented with a rustic finish.

Every item is one of a kind durable design. The bags are eco-friendly reusing materials which would normally be wasted."

Now this is the perfect wallet for me! It's unusual, ethical and fun. So thank you BagsReborn! I love my gift!
I have to say it reminds me alittle of a dress I recently bought for a friends baby girl from Clothing With A Conscience in Afflecks Palace.

Anyway I hope you all like my new lovely purse, and please go and "like" Bags Reborn! PLUS you should all follow them on twitter!!

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