Sunday, 8 July 2012

Getting over my fear of yellow...

Sounds really silly doesn't it? But yes I used to be disgusted by and hated the colour yellow...

For years I didn't really understand why...then one day during a therapy session it occurred to me that I experienced a great trauma in my life whilst wearing the colour yellow...I think it accounted for my hate of banana's too...turns out people who have experienced similar trauma's to me quite often have a fear or dislike banana's...(it's strange how the brain works!)

A few months back a member of the Stitched Up crew handed me a banana at a meeting, I looked at it for a bit and hesitated after taking it. I watched everyone else peel their's and start to eat it. I shrugged my shoulders and joined in...and you know what? I haven't looked back!! Banana's are brilliant! I love them & for 29 years I've insisted I hate them, but suddenly my attitude changed and now I can enjoy a good banana...

OK so this post may seem a little nonsensical, what am I harping on about? For me this was a significant discovery and an important process to my recovery. I won't go in to details here, but I will say that sometimes it's really important to try things again and look outside the little box you give yourself because now I've discovered a whole new healthy snack and I've been able to reclaim such a beautiful vibrant colour!!

I've been denying myself the colour of sunshine, buttercups, lemons and dandelions for too long!! So here I am in my new homemade yellow dress...turned out Abakhan had a sale on all fabrics so I thought I would treat myself & got this lovely fabric that Jim picked...I adapted & drafted my own pattern specifically to flatter my size 16 figure and I really really love the results! (I recently discovered my boob/waist/hip ratio is good, so feel a bit more confident with the extra pounds!!)

I just got Jim to take some photies of me with a few of my cushions and bits & bobs too...why not eh? Who likes my giant strawberry swirl lollypop cushion??? And my giant strawberry cushion? It's fun!! hehe!


  1. Haha, these photos are fabulous! I'm a big yellow lover, but I'm afraid I don't share your love of bananas - I force myself to eat them because I know they're so good for me.

  2. I love Yellow on you Al. Big hugs. Your new dress is fab. x

  3. Beautiful! That colour looks ace on you! I also have never gotten on with yellow. Until my mustard (colour not condiment) obsession last Autumn!
    Lisa (risbec!) x

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments! - Sarah my boyfriend took the pic's on his fancyschmancy smart phone and I just brightened them ever so slightly on adobe! - but sometimes that's all you need!!

    I tell you what Lisa, us redheads suit yellow! - I hadn't realised before, but it works!! Deb & Vicky thank you sooo much for being so sweet! It's funny how just your attitude can change your reflection....if you know what I mean??? I had been feeling really down about my weight but the glorious Betty Bee's "big fat mantra" made me feel better take a look

    her blog is aaaaace too.

  5. p.s. Vicky I think if you don't already follow Betty Bee's blog you really would enjoy it! She's lovely! x