Monday, 7 June 2010

Loreto 6th form college!

I got in touch with MYVP and told them about the things I did...and well they asked if I could make friendship bracelets. I used to make them ALL the time when I was a teenager and decided to check if I still could...

and I could, so went in initially to do 3 sessions with the students on their lunch break, we made friendship bracelets and talked about where we liked to shop, and why it was so important to look after our planet.

It was also really therapeutic and nice to chill out and make interesting things.

They enjoyed our sessions so much they asked me to stay until the summer holidays! I loved it!

I couldn't believe how creative they all were and they just got straight in! It made me so proud to see them enjoying making the things I suggested, some of them completely surpassed me at making friendship bracelets I was astounded!

We also looked at alternative ways of creating the friendship bracelets...i.e. stretched up strips of tee shirt fabric! They looked great (I'll get some photo's up soon)

We made button bracelets, corsages, brooches, necklaces, junkmail beads and also thanks to Danielle Lowy ar Rubbish Revamped ( we made gorgeous recycled boxes out of old greetings cards and postcards!

I loved it and so did they!

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  1. All looks just Fab! So proud of you - keep up the good work!
    Go Girl!!

    Vicky x