Monday, 7 June 2010

Ok so here are some brooches and necklaces I've made from cutting up my old diary backs (I knew keeping them would result in using them to make something beautiful oneday!!)

Cutting the shapes into petals and then carefully stretching my old stockings over them...I love brightly coloured tights and unfortunately because they're synthetic they're one of the worst things you can put in a landfill because they take a ridiculously long time to decompose, letting off all kinds of nasty gases into our environment.

The sequins had fallen off an old top and the buttons have been inherited from my grandmother!! Or in some cases I've used broken necklaces or belts...they only thing that hasn't been from a recycled source is the brooch fasteners.

My fingers were really hurting by the time I'd made a few imagine I had been making them all day long in a terrible working environment. Making something like this really makes you appreciate the workmanship.

Did you know that it is impossible for sequins and embellishment to be sewn on UNLESS it's by hand?

It's shocking really how low prices are for beautifully embellished garments on the high street.

It really makes me think anyway...

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