Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Christmas crafts for the St.Wilfreds MCC craft fair we had just before crimbo. I put my foot down and said that we weren't allowed to buy any cheap nasty decorations and then had a whole team of lovely people come and help me in my living-room, by the time Christmas actually arrived I was sick of it!!

Magazine wreaths, loo-roll flowers & snowflakes, wrapped in rippons and scraps of fabrics. Little boxes made from last year Xmas cards, inspired and taught to me by Danielle Lowy of Rubbish Revamped. Thanks Danielle!!

Also Jake Williams, Bethan Coomber, Tori Bee, Elle James, & the fabulous Katie Hanratty. Thanks guys it was really good to have all hands on deck to make the place look so lovely!

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