Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I volunteer for a charity called Action For Sustainable Living ( and this photo was taken at a fashion show back in November or October...I can't remember now. Kelly Joseph, Kym Cooper and I all went and did free mini workshops of how to make shrunken jumper corsages. It was really good fun.

I'm sporting one of my fascinators made from recycled zips, feathers that have floated out of my feather sofa (Ha!! you can find stuff to use EVERYWHERE!) and some broken bracelets.

I also have an obsession with chopping out the little ribbons you find on the inside of clothes...they're lovely to use in and on all sorts of things. One of the things I like so much about textile recycling is you are limited to the things you can find around you. I don't buy anything if I can help it. Perhaps the odd brooch fastening or an extra ALICE band, but pretty much everything I make is either found on the street, given to me, salvaged from somewhere or re-made from something else. I love how natural the design process is. I let the stuff do the work, I don't plan things too much I like to be spontaneous.

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