Monday, 31 January 2011

This was the 2nd 4 hour session with MYVP and FC United. I normally shy away from paper based activities. However as these young people were going to then pass on the skills to younger children as Volunteers I felt it would make more sense to keep it simpler and if I wasn't going to be there to facillitate or remind them of certain stitch techniques it made more sense to devise something that was more achievable. I wanted to encourage them to recycle creatively. They gave me such lovely feedback!

This was a bespoke programme specifically for them; We made button bracelets, little boxes from old greetings cards and then bows to put on presents.

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for more activities like this.

Normally I prefer to stick to the fashion recycling! But with the rest of it Danielle of Rubbish Revamped is your gal!

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