Thursday, 27 January 2011

Well, I've put on a bit of weight over the last 6 months, I blame the fact I have a lovely boyfriend who I like eating tasty home-cooked food with, and well...that's just love!! And I have also spent the last year and a half not buying anything new (excluding underwear and food...) So it's been 2nd hand all the way...there's more than enough out there!!

Well anyway not all of my clothes fit me at the moment, so I decided to convert an old skirt that my mother gave to me, into a new stylish A-line full skirt (because everybody knows they compliment fuller figures!!!)

So well here it is. It was very simple really. I suppose I should add the "before" photographs too!! - I mean of the old skirt, not of the skinny me!! (I've added them now, they're at the top of the blog)

It looks good anyway, and I love my curvy curves!!


  1. aaaaaa! me like it!!!

    (food! food! food!)

  2. Your skirt is really beautiful!!Well done girl!!!